Voices from the First NHS Hospital


Voices from the First NHS Hospital is a short film we produced in 2018 marking the 70th anniversary of the NHS.

Watch patients, staff and local people share their compelling stories of Park Hospital, now known as Trafford General Hospital, birthplace of the NHS. Through their stories we discover NHS history and the wider influences of science, society and medicine.

June Rosen reveals memories of Aneurin Bevan staying with her family the night before he launched the NHS on 5 July 1948. Trained as a nurse during the 1970s, Alison Griffiths shares her experiences of caring for patients as pressure built on NHS services through to the 2000s. Paul Sherlock was born in Trafford, qualified as a biochemist and talks about the dramatic developments in technology that have changed diagnosis and management of diseases. Beginning his NHS career as a porter, Hughie Erskine became a manager at Trafford and describes the challenges of the hospital becoming a Trust. Joanne Harding gave birth to her daughter at Trafford and then campaigned against the closure of various services. Together their voices capture some of the complex changes experienced by staff and patients since 1948 which have shaped the NHS of today.

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Produced by Evans Woolf Media on behalf of NHS at 70: The Story Of Our Lives (2018).