Helen Barlow - Audio transcription NHS 73

J: What motivated you to come forward to volunteer for the vaccination programme?

H: So I that think anyone in the public sector James would and it doing what I’ve done. We’ve all stepped up to the mark when needed. And like them I just wanted to help, because Covid’s like nothing like we’ve seen in our careers. So I approached my local primary care trust and offered to be a volunteer vaccinator. And I was welcomed, you know, I felt so supported. And I’d done all my training online and then you’re signed off as competent. You know, as a nurse you’ve obviously got those competencies anyway. So I tend to volunteer every Saturday and do a clinic on a Saturday because that fits in with my day job as well. And it’s lovely because there’s current GPs, retired GPs, practice nurses, a couple of surgeons I’ve worked in the past, all pulling together to vaccinate our population. It just feels like a real community response to what’s going on. You know, we’re all just doing our bit.