Dom Chamberlain: audio transcript 73

Debra: What are the sort of major things you are going to carry forward from this period?

Dom: Resilience. Resilience, knowing that sometimes although we can’t hug each other that over, over the top of a mask, just one look can mean a million words to you.

Debra: And talking of things that mean something to you, what does the NHS mean to you?

Dom: So I’ve always, always been a firm believer in the NHS. It might help to know that ten years ago the NHS saved my life. I had cancer. And without the NHS I wouldn’t be here today.

Debra: And when you think about that when you’re saying those words, what are you thinking and feeling?

Dom: Proud! Really, really proud. And proud also that I could maybe in some way be giving back what the NHS gave back to me. There was a reason why I survived. Don’t know why, but there is a reason and as long as I can fulfil whatever way I can that reason by giving back into a system that I firmly, firmly believe in, then I will.


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