Dino Williams Audio Transcript NHS 73

Yeah, so I mean in terms of that, over these 20 years, what I will say is that we started to focus more on people as opposed to service. So, one of the things that we’ve done so much better with, and I suppose COVID has really brought us forward generations, but we started to focus more on people than on the service.

So, when I first started, I found that everything was more around the service and so, the needs of people and the individuals within the service weren’t really taken into consideration as much as the service was. Whereas, over the years it has evolved now, and I think managers are starting to understand that people are the service.

So, you know, the people used to be very abstract within the service, and they weren’t really, you know, there was no real investment in particular groups of people. I am starting to see a lot more investment and a lot more open and honest conversations about how we can do better. So, the NHS has certainly evolved.

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