Zoe Williams

Dr Zoe Williams was born in Burnley in 1980. Zoe studied medicine as a mature student, inspired by her grandmother, a Jamaican-born midwife in Burnley, and by doctors who had treated her asthma as a child. Zoe works as an NHS GP in London and combines this with various other interests including TV work, championing physical activity and charity work.

Zoe Williams credit James Cannon

Credit: James Cannon

Listen to Zoe reflect on why she enjoys and values her work as a GP in the NHS.





Audio Transcript:

It’s everything, everything I do, none of my work would make sense if I wasn’t a working GP, a working NHS GP. So although I have lots of roles and do lots of things, first and foremost I’m a GP, a proper NHS, in the practice. I work in a really deprived area of London as well and that is the type of General practice which is hard work, but I find it rewarding because a little bit of kindness goes a long way when people have very difficult lives. And I would say it’s not just what I do as well, being a GP is not just what I do, it kind of partly defines who I am as well. It gives me so much back. I am getting a bit deep now, but I suffered with lack of confidence and lack of self-esteem especially when I was younger. But to come home from work on a Monday and think do you know what I made somebody’s life better todaythat person felt that they could trust me to share that with me when they couldn’t with anyone else. It makes me think I’m important and I’m a good person and I deserve this little spot here on this earth, because I am helping people and am doing good.