Adam Middleton: Audio Transcript, NHS 73

Team work actually, it went to new levels, there was a real sense of camaraderie amongst colleagues. I can remember that and it was quite good and you, kind of, maybe got close with ones and you and you got a lot friendlier with different people. Yeah, everyone was just in the same boat I suppose. When other places were locking down and sending their staff home, it was kinda, we were the only ones in work and, you know, the hospital workers. And yeah, it was quite, because a lot of us has been there since the start of the pandemic, you know, we kind of got to see it from it started. And yeah, everybody worked together really well. That’s one thing that really stood out to me and I really wanted that to come through in the images I took at the time as well, people really all played their part really well and just got their head down and got on with it. Because of the crisis people sort of saw NHS workers as putting themselves in danger, I suppose, at the time. When people thought, when people didn’t, you know, didn’t realise how many people it was going to kill and all. I think people sort of noticed that when things go wrong it’s hospital workers that still have to keep going into work every day and no matter what happens. And that will be the same in any disaster and in any crisis, you know? So, yeah, I think people did, sort of, put more value on the NHS.


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