Volunteers are at the core of the project working with us to create a shared history of the NHS. 

Our volunteers bring a wide variety of life-skills and experiences that enlarge our core project team and enrich the range and depth of stories we are collecting. Volunteers gain professional oral history skills and act as the interface of the project meeting the interviewees to record their NHS stories. Our volunteers report a greater sense of wellbeing, belonging and feeling valued through these connections. 

We have some volunteering opportunities now in our Manchester office assisting with developing our Digital Archive. Click here to contact us and register your interest now.

We will be recruiting new oral history volunteers in Summer 2019 in the South West, Nottingham, Essex and Bristol. Click here to contact us and register your interest now.


1-7 June 2019 is Volunteers Week and we are celebrating the contribution of all our wonderful volunteers across the UK.
Find out more about our volunteers from Manchester and South Wales