June Rosen

June Rosen was born in 1940 in Blackpool, moving to Urmston with her family in 1943. Park Hospital, which is now Trafford General, was the local hospital. Her father was a Manchester Labour politician and the family hosted Aneurin Bevan the night before he launched the NHS, on 5 July 1948. June went on to train as a physiotherapist and worked in the NHS until recently.

Aneurin Bevan at the launch of the NHS at Park Hospital, Trafford on July 5th 1948

Listen to June talk about Aneurin Bevan breakfast in bed on the morning of 5 July 1948, the day he launched the NHS at Park Hospital in Urmston.


Video Transcript:

My parents moved to Urmston with the spring of 1943. It was a lovely place to live. Great community. Quite a lot of green spaces and nice parks. And, of course, Park Hospital, which is now Trafford, was the local hospital. My father was a Manchester City Councillor. And when I was eight, Aneurin Bevan came to stay with us because he was going to launch the NHS. My mother said to me, "We’re going to take our guest breakfast in bed and you can come with me.” So we took a tray upstairs. I do remember exactly what he looked like, sitting up in bed with his pyjamas and this shock of grey hair. [Looks at image.] This is matron with Aneurin Bevan. My father is the person slightly behind. As he’d come with Bevan, he was included in going around the hospital meeting people. My mother said it was the most amazing time to be in politics. We felt we were going to build the ‘new Jerusalem’.