Gwen Crossley

Gwen Crossley was born in 1946 in Wallasey and moved to Manchester when she was three. Gwen started nurse training aged 18 and worked in the NHS throughout her career as a nurse and health visitor. Reflecting on her long career, she is proud of her health visiting work and the lasting contribution she made to patients. Gwen has volunteered for NHS at 70 since 2017 and her interview was the first recorded for the project!


Gwen Crossley as a student nurse in 1964

Credit: Gwen Crossley

Listen to Gwen talk about the impact you can have on people working as a health visitor.

Audio Transcript:


Happiness, fulfilment, I wouldn’t change it.


Proud of?


I think the time around health visiting, helping people along in that way and educating around immunisations… It happened a few months ago. I was at the changing room at a local gym and this lady said it’s Gwen, and she named herself and I said twins. She said, "You saved my life", and I said, "No I didn’t". What I had forgotten was that I had bent the rules a bit, because this was a lady with twin boys and she needed more than the health visiting service could provide.  So I made a point in going round at strategic times in the day when both babies wanted feeding and I would feed. But I always managed to write it up as an appropriate thing. But all those years on, I knew it was the right thing to do and it was for a short period of time where she got to weaning; and you can put a spoon that way and that way, but you can’t do two bottle feeds properly. And she actually said to me that that saved her lifegosh, you know something that I just instinctively wanted to help her with.


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