Alfred Samuels

Born in Westminster in 1958, Alfred Samuels discusses his experience as a patient in the NHS after a life-changing diagnosis of prostate cancer in 2012. He reflects here on the humane response of his doctor. Alfred credits his survival with the drug treatment he is on. His books give a full account of his journey: Invincibility in the Face of Prostate Cancer: Coming out the Other Side (2015), and Motivated to Inspire: A Cancer Survivor’s Perspective (2017).

Albert Samuels

Listen to Alfred talk about receiving his prostate cancer diagnosis.


Audio Transcript:

My wife, who had been in the NHS, knew her way around, and she said, “This is not right.” So we waited until Christmas was over. In the early part of January 2012, back to the doctor with instructions to “get that MRI referral”. End of story. So I went back—so said, so done. Two weeks later, [I had the] appointment with my doctor. And that’s when the news came through. It was awful. It was awful in many ways, because it was the worst kind of news that you can expect. But for me also, it showed a human side to my doctor, because my doctor had tears in his eyes when he gave me the diagnosis. It’s nothing I’ve ever seen. You could just see the humane aspect of this doctor was tested. And he had tears in his eyes; “I’m sorry to tell you, Mr Samuels. It’s cancer.” I didn’t cry, I didn’t cry.


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